A tipping point in human evolution

Generative AI

Over 90% of online content may be AI-generated by 2025

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Every nation-state, organisation and individual needs a Generative AI strategy

Generative AI’s impact on society will be so profound that I conceive of it as a new stage in human evolution, ‘The Era of Generative AI'

Nina Schick, Generative AI Expert

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‘The Era of Generative AI,’ will be an age where our understanding of human intelligence, creativity, and experience will go beyond the wildest reach of what we imagine possible today.

2022 was a watershed year for Generative AI. Over the last twelve months, advances in this nascent field of artificial intelligence have become exponential.

These developments will break through to the mainstream in 2023, inspiring awe and fear. As a result, there will be an increasing and urgent need to understand how Generative AI will change what it means to be human.

I’m an analyst following ‘Generative AI’ since its early inception about five years ago. My background is in geopolitics. Over the past two decades, I’ve worked on global events, including Brexit, the invasion of Ukraine, and information warfare.

But when I first encountered Generative AI – I knew that this would be the story of our lifetimes and that I would have to try and tell it. So, in 2020, I released the first book on AI-generated content, Deepfakes.

Since then, I’ve travelled the world speaking on this topic and advising some of the most interesting start-ups in this space.  In addition to my bespoke Generative AI services, I am also building one of the first Generative AI communities around my Substack newsletter, The Era of Generative AI.

I am not trying to write an academic treatise. Instead, I want to explore this topic — the most critical and fascinating tale of our times — in a way that everyone can understand. My objectives are to

  • Analyse what Generative AI means for humanity,
  • Make Generative AI accessible to everyone,
  • Build a community to explore this story with me.

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