Deepfakes and the Coming Infocalypse: The Jordan Harbinger Show

Picture of Nina Schick

Nina Schick

March 23, 2023


Nina appears on the Jordan Harbinger Show, discussing deepfakes and the coming Age of Synthetic Media.

Nina and Jordan cover:

What deepfakes are and how they’re created using technology that is getting exponentially more sophisticated every year and accessible to anyone.

How deepfakes go beyond novelty and into dangerous territory occupied by blackmailers, propagandists, terrorists, conspiracy theorists, and other unsavory ne’er-do-wells who profit by making the rest of us doubt what we can trust as reality.

Why deepfakes are so much more concerning than reality-bending manipulations of the past.

The potential positive uses of AI-assisted deepfake technology that will change our world as dramatically as the advent of the Internet.

How we can discern between real photo, video, or audio footage and imposter deepfakes to avoid being duped by 21st-century technoshysters.

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