Deepfakes expert Nina Schick with Intelligence Squared

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Nina Schick

March 23, 2023


Deepfakes expert Nina Schick speaks to Carl Miller in this episode of the Intelligence Squared podcast. They discuss her book, ‘Deepfakes,’ and Nina explains why ‘synthetic media’ (media that is generated or manipulated by AI) is a revolutionary development.

Legitimate applications synthetic media will transform the future of human communication. However, in an information ecosystem that is increasingly characterised by mis- and disinformation, deepfakes also pose a dangerous new threat.

Nina and Carl discuss:

  • What is a deepfake?
  • Non-malicious uses of synthetic media.
  • What are the barriers to entry when it comes to deepfake creation?
  • What does the democratisation of deepfakes mean for malicious actors?
  • How is AI-generated media different from visual disinformation in the past?
  • What is the difference between mis and disinformation, and are they bigger problems than they have been historically?
  • How has our information ecosystem changed in the past thirty years?

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