Keynote: Invest Europe’s CFO Forum

The political and regulatory environments are increasingly important to all CFOs and COOs. Nina delivered the keynote for Invest Europe’s CFO Forum, sharing her insights on the political threats that will have the greatest impact on the private capital industry in 2020 and beyond.

Keynote: IAB’s Digital Trust Forum

Nina delivered a keynote speech on deepfakes at the IAB’s inaugural Digital Trust Forum at the British Museum in London. Inquire about Nina speaking at your event.

Deepfakes expert Nina Schick with Intelligence Squared

Deepfakes expert Nina Schick speaks to Carl Miller in this episode of the Intelligence Squared podcast. They discuss her book, ‘Deepfakes,’ and Nina explains why ‘synthetic media’ (media that is generated or manipulated by AI) is a revolutionary development. Legitimate applications synthetic media will transform the future of human communication. However, in an information ecosystem that is increasingly […]

Feature: Is seeing still believing?

Nina discusses deepfakes, the democratisation of visual disinformation and the risks they pose to liberal democracies.  Read the full feature interview in 21 Insights Magazine. 

Deepfakes and our Synthetic Future

In this episode of the Vaizey View, Nina and Ed Vaizey explore the opportunities of synthetic media, how manipulated media is impacting our lives and businesses, and how we can fight back.

Now AI Can Make Fake Videos

Nina discusses what fake pornography reveals about political disinformation and how fake videos are becoming indistinguishable from genuine ones. Read the full feature interview in Helsingen Sanomat.

What Matters Now TV: Deepfakes with Nina Schick

It will soon be impossible to tell what is real and what is fake. Advanced AI technology is now able to take over the appearances and voices of people letting them do things they have never done, in places they have never been, saying things they have never said. Deepfakes, trolls, bots, fake news, and […]

Feature: Jede Frau kann zum Ziel werden

In an feature interview with Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Nina discusses the horror of deepfake pornography, and how every woman can become a target. “Mithilfe künstlicher Intelligenz ist es heute problemlos möglich, Fotos bekleideter Menschen in Nacktbilder zu verwandeln. Die KI-Expertin Nina Schick sagt, sie würde ihrer Tochter nicht mehr erlauben, Bilder im Netz zu posten.” […]