Deepfakes and Disinformation: The World of Manipulated Media

Picture of Nina Schick

Nina Schick

March 23, 2023


Nina joins the WilmerHale ‘In the Public Interest’ podcast with WilmerHale Partners John Walsh and Jason Chipman and lawyer Matthew Ferraro to discuss deepfakes and disinformation.

They discuss the definition and examples of deepfakes, the fast-developing technology used to create and detect deepfakes, the potential for AI technology to be used for good, and the implications of deepfakes on government, business and society as a whole.


Nina’s book, Deepfakes: The Coming Infocalypse

Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds broadcast (Smithsonian Mag)

Slick Tom Cruise Deepfakes Signal That Near Flawless Forgeries May Be Here” (NPR)

MIT’s Center for Advanced Virtuality’s project, “In Event of Moon Disaster

Some Deepfaker on YouTube Spent Seven Days Fixing the Shitty De-Aging in The Irishman” (Esquire)


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